High-Tech Sex

Today, I was sitting in a meeting at work, supposedly listening to some issues our clients were having, but actually thinking about an event I recently attended. It was called ‘Techtalks: Sex & Dating’ and featured 4 very intelligent women, who were discussing the impact of technology on sex, dating and relationships.


At the start of event, I settled in my seat with a coffee and prepared to listen to (what I thought would be) arguments about whether sex toys and Tinder were good or bad. But you know what? It absolutely blew my mind. I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of men in the audience and the variety of topics was amazing, many times making me think about things I have never considered before. One left me particularly intrigued….


Teledildonics. What is it? An emerging industry, enabling two lovers separated by distance to make love together with the help of high tech sex toys.


There are many ways it can manifest – but my favourite toys so far is made by Kiiroo, which, if you’ve got spare three figure change, can be yours in a moment. It is a combo of sleek and modern looking fleshlight (The Onyx) and an extremely sensitive vibrator (The Pearl). The movements made by a lady playing with the Pearl can be felt exactly on the Onyx. And the person controlling the Onyx can also control the vibrations of the Pearl.


Image courtesy of Kiiroo.com

I’ve had quite a few occasions where I was away from my lover for a prolonged amount of time, so I definitely understand the pain. And while I do enjoy an occasional cheeky picture or text, teledildonics seem to take it to a whole new level! This seems perfect for long distance couples! In fact, you could benefit even as a single as it can offer an enhanced porn experience.


Just make sure your wifi connection is strong…I can’t imagine it’s a lot of fun if the toy stops working right before the big O.


Although I worry a little about whether it feels impersonal and discourages us even further from human contact and (sadly) I haven’t had a chance to try them out personally, I do think teledildonics open lots of possibilities. There is potentially a new channel to explore our sexuality further and I am very much looking forward to see where this road will lead us.


Next generation intimacy has many more faces. Here are some other intriguing toys to explore:


While most of them originate from the US, despair not! You can usually find them through many UK retailers, especially online.


Have you tried any high tech sex toys? Please reach out and share your experiences if you have!


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