Lingerie Game

Valentine’s day creates lots of rivaling emotions and thoughts for me..When I was little, I loved the kitsch of it, the pink hearts everywhere and was like much smaller, much pinker Christmas. Now – it seems like all that drives this ‘day of love’ is the shops that just love  increasing their bottom line…

Bluebella Lia Bra

On the other hand, you cannot deny that it presents a perfect opportunity (not that any of us need it) to show ourselves and our partners a little more affection. In my book, nothing marries the two as best as lingerie. Just getting their imaginations inflamed by beautiful women in lace, silks and leathers…I feel like lingerie is that magical catalyst that elevates us into the heavens of sexuality. can just tell how much I love lingerie, right?..

In light of this, I thought I’d have a look at what catches my eye out there and share some of my lingerie wisdom I’ve gathered over the years.

Teddies & Playsuits

Comfortable, casual and sexy at the same time. I’ve got this beautiful silky, stretchy, black teddy and its probably the most used item in my lingerie drawer! But be careful, if you are blessed with curves, make sure that the teddy is sufficiently stretchy – there is nothing worse than struggling to remove a one piece teddy in the heat of it.


These beauties come in various shapes and forms. The ones I have used have been either unwired, soft cup lacey pieces or more like shapewear – slightly thicker, with a molded cup. Neither are usually great for wearing all night (aka, dinner, dancing and a private after party). Soft ones don’t provide enough support and they slip and slide quite easily. And more structured ones often have cups that are not very comfortable, show fairly easily under clingier clothing and don’t show as much skin. On the other hand, bodies have a bottom opening, which is useful not only for putting it on, but also in case you like to keep your clothes on while…you know. They also look super sexy while on your body (which is not going to be very long).

Bra & Panties

What a popular combination, and there’s a good reason for it! It is flexible, comfortable (if you choose right), can be worn easily under clothes and accessorised well too.My favourite wayto accessorise is with hold ups/stockings and a garter belt. Honestly, has there ever been a better match? I only have two warnings here….Regardless of how cute the set is, it will not look cute if the size is wrong (let’s admit it, we’ve all been here…). Also, be wary of handmade sets that you can’t try on. I’ve been on the receiving end of some lingerie that had great reviews about quality and fit, but the cut just wasn’t right for my body shape.


Choosing the right lingerie for your body type, taste and budget is challenging, but extremely important and oh so satisfying when you find the right one. If you’ve never worn beautiful and sexy lingerie, you’ve got my personal request to do it this Valentine’s day. Get yourself and your partner a gift of sexuality that will just keep giving’ve got my word for it.

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